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 IRC Tagging System.

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PostSubject: IRC Tagging System.   Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:46 am

IRC Tagging System;

Tags regarding XTC Roleplay are referred to as ''Dog Tags'' and document a member's status within the community; these are always positioned at the beginning of a user-name when in a channel/chatroom. This makes identification easier.

Tech fighters are also issued ''Tech Tags'' to distinguish what facet of the Technical Battle System a particular character uses; these tags are positioned at the end of a user-name.

XTC Roleplay Community;

Central Court 46 - Seireitei's magistrates, and moderative power. As peacekeepers of the realm, they have the ability to judge their peers and distribute suitable consequences.

Tag; [CC].

XTC Gotei/Faction Tags;

1st Gotei - member of the 1st Gotei.

Tag; [G1].

2nd Gotei - member of the 2nd Gotei.

Tag; [G2].

3rd Gotei - member of the 3rd Gotei.

Tag; [G3].

4th Gotei - member of the 4th Gotei.

Tag; [G4].

5th Gotei - member of the 5th Gotei.

Tag; [G5].

6th Gotei - member of the 6th Gotei.

Tag; [G6].

7th Gotei - member of the 7th Gotei.

Tag; [G7].

8th Gotei - member of the 8th Gotei.

Tag; [G8].

9th Gotei - member of the 9th Gotei.

Tag; [G9].

10th Gotei - member of the 10th Gotei.

Tag; [G10].

11th Gotei - member of the 11th Gotei.

Tag; [G11].

12th Gotei - member of the 12th Gotei.

Tag; [G12].

13th Gotei - member of the 13th Gotei.

Tag; [G13].

Note; Faction tags follow the Gotei tag style and become an abbreviate of the faction title.

Tech Tags;

Freestylists - Roleplayers who don't want to participate in turn-base or speed-base but still enjoy an occasional fight make use of a freestyle system, but are otherwise denizens.

Tag; [FS].

Turn-basers - Roleplayers who follow the Technical Battle System turn-base format.

Tag; [T1].

Speed-basers - Roleplayers who follow the Technical Battle System speed-base format.

Tag; [T2].

Hybrid - Roleplayers who can use both turn-base and speed-base, and choose to practice both.

Tag; [H].
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IRC Tagging System.
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