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 Technical Battle System 2; speed-base.

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PostSubject: Technical Battle System 2; speed-base.   Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:37 am


Tech 2 is the speed-base system of fighting, enforcing regulations and stipulations which create a balanced equilibrium and ensures anyone has an equal chance at winning; the determining factor rests in the individual's aptitude and skill.

When performing Tech 2, it is imperative that you differ to the regulations or the system loses structure and a "mode" will be called. Moding is the term for when a fighter breaks a rule or refuses to acknowledge something outlined by the regulations; continuous moding is cause for forfeiting the fight.

Following a simplistic format, this style is performed at adjustable levels.


Attack - Block / Dodge - Connection. is the basic set-up for Tech 2's action sequence. When a combatant makes an attempt to attack his opponent, he must type a separate action constituting as the attacks connection for the attempt to be successful. Between the time a combatant attacks and connects, the opponent has the opportunity to block / dodge in his defense and invalidate the attack.

x - x - x is the second portion of the same formula, where "x" is the variable word limitation for each maneuver. The staple standard is 20 - 20 - 20 (twenty words per attack - block / dodge - connection) as an example.

To conclude a battle, a minimum of five successfully landed attempts must be dealt to an opponent before a knockout may be dealt; knockouts aren't always necessary, however, and some may choose to stop the fight.



Prior to a legitimate standard Tech 2 battle, both participants must stance in preparation of the ensuing fight, signifying that they're ready. When both combatants have made their stance, the fight may begin when someone signals them to begin.

****Note: The only time it is appropriate to initiate a fight without first making a stance is while performing a Charge. To catch the target at unawares, you must first make sure they're actively paying attention and then make a preemptive action (a charge) to grab their focus before actually attacking them.


When performing an attack, the normal method of structure is to detail how your character moves and what the attack is, adding in the designated target. This attempt should flow into the connection, fluidly chaining the separate actions together.


A block consists of moving an object into the path of an oncoming attack, stopping or deflecting it in a reasonable manner; use common sense. The method for blocking is to describe your reaction to the attack- especially what the attack is, itself- and maneuver into a defensive position where the block is instated.


Dodging is quite different from blocking, but also constitutes as a defensive maneuver. Instead of moving something in the path of an attack, dodging consists of moving out of the attacks reach. The evasion must be reasonably, following the same structure as a block.


When connecting an attack, the typical method of structure is to detail how the attack impacts its target and what damage it inflicts upon the opponent. Consider the attack as a cause and the connection, its effect. Bare in mind that inflicting a fatal wound is NOT acceptable until the fights conclusion.

Hit Acceptance:

Whenever an attack is successfully connected, the opponent must make an action in acceptance of the connection before retaliating with offensive measures. Though the opponent's name isn't mandatory in this instance, the action must be a minimum of fifteen words to describe inflicted damage.


A knockout is administered like a normal attack, but with the intention of incapacitating the opponent. To make the attempt successful, you must connect and detail it appropriately.

Advanced Tactics;


Whenever you attempt to attack an opponent without first challenging them in the traditional way, charging becomes necessary. Create an action where your intentions are made clear, and describe what your character is doing.


When counterattacking, a reasonable block or dodge must be instated as in any other defensive maneuver but with a twist; an attack may be instated at the conclusion of the action which turns the opponent's attack against them.


A feint consists of an attack, but instead of connecting the attack as one normally would they pose a secondary attack in its place; meaning the initial attack was a distraction. After the second attack is posted, connect it like you would any other time.

Tech Clauses;

Full Name Claus:

To ensure that the potential opponent knows your actions target them, including the opponent's name in each action is requisite until the fight's conclusion. The opponent's name does not count toward the mandate word count.

Spelling Claus:

Any spelling error invalidates the action it occurred in.

Anti-typo Claus:

Any typographical error voids the action it occurred in.
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Technical Battle System 2; speed-base.
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