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 Realms of Existance.

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PostSubject: Realms of Existance.   Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:50 pm


In the universe, reality is broken down into three separate, distinct factions which seamlessly co-exist; forming the boundaries of reality, itself. The first faction is Earth, where the living dwell, as well as spirits of those who had once lived there and haven't "passed on" to their designated after-life. Those who lived selfish lives dedicated to personal gain at the expense of others or have committed atrocious acts are banished to Hell. Those of virtue, however, are sent to a second faction of reality- Soul Society.

The third and, undoubtedly, most dangerous faction is Hueco Mundo; a rift between the realms of Earth and Soul Society which even Shinigami technology is incapable of monitoring (a system which detects and locates Hollow spiritual pressure outside of Hueco Mundo). This is where the Hollow dwell, gathering their strength beneath Shinigami radar.


Large and diverse, Earth is the realm of the living. With several continents and countries, this realm is the most multi-cultural layer and continuously evolves along with its prominent species- humans. This level of existence encompasses all living creatures.

Soul Society;

Soul Society harbors all the souls of people who died on Earth and warranted escaping the dreadful fate awaiting them in Hell. Home and origin of the Shinigami, Soul Society is used as the base of those who patrol and monitor the factions of our world. The Earth and Soul Society constantly shift back and forth in perfect harmony, maintaining the balance of existence as Earth's dead travel to Soul Society, and in turn the denizens of Soul Society return to Earth when their time has come to be reborn.

Soul Society is divided into districts to house the innumerable number of souls which pass on to the realm. The Inner City, or "City of Pure Souls," is home to the Shinigami and the apex of their power. The enormous city is split into different fractions, like the 13 different headquarter districts, one allotted to each Gotei.

Surrounding the City of Pure Souls, a multitude of districts exist to house all the souls which have passed on from Earth until the time they're ready to be reincarnated. The 1st District is reputed to be the most orderly, law abiding city... Where as the 80th District is undoubtedly the roughest section, full of bloodshed and crime.

Soul Society's government is a board of highly respected Sages called "the Brass." These select individuals meet and hold congress to determine actions and decisions that pertain to the laws, or something of high importance.

Hueco Mundo;

Serving as the nexxus between Earth and Soul Society, it comes as no question why Hollow- beings belonging to neither Earth nor Soul Society- have chosen this realm as their sanctum. On the surface, Hueco Mundo is a vast, arid landscape similar to Earth's great deserts in both appearance and climate; Las Noches is an extensive compound at it's epicenter. Hollow can be found prowling everywhere.

Beneath the wasteland facet, an enormous forest of petrified stalactites and stalagmites create the illusion of a boundless subterranean forest- the Menos Forest. This level is home to the Menos Grande class of Hollow, lead by their stronger Adjucha class brethren.

Though the Adjucha act as faction leaders their orders come down from Arrancar and other evolved forms of Hollow, creating factions and dominions of varying size and success.

Beneath the Menos Forest, intricate networks of caverns house the vast majority of the teeming Hollow; endlessly striving to fulfill their empty existence and evolve to higher tiers of power.
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Realms of Existance.
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