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 XTC Storylines.

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PostSubject: XTC Storylines.   Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:35 pm

XTC Storylines;

Storylines within the XTC roleplay community are only partially preordained in order to control the balance of power between the administration and members. Those storylines have been synchronized with the XTC background to set a modern theme for members to shape their own storylines around, developing a unique authoring style while interacting within an idealistic roleplay environment.

Individual storylines constantly tie into others, knitting a bigger picture as events unravel and the community comes to life. In order to set a positive tone for in-character roleplay and enable everyone to integrate, the XTC administration will enforce protective guidelines.

Whenever ammendments are necessary to preserve order, notification will be listed in the Bleach Chronicles Updates board.
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XTC Storylines.
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