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 Official XTC Guidelines.

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PostSubject: Official XTC Guidelines.   Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:33 pm

XTC Roleplay Guidelines;

In addition to the general XTC regulations, a set of guidelines have been applied to the roleplaying community to create an environment geared toward in-character roleplay. All modifications are instated by the XTC administration to preserve the essence of roleplay.


The image of a character is how other people perceive it, and the only way to preserve the image a roleplayer wants to convey is to maintain total anonymity. Anonymity keeps other members of the XTC community at a distance, so they only know a roleplayer for and by their character.

Though only dedicated roleplayers maintain total anonymity even within the XTC O.O.C. section by using their character's personality as a representation of self, all roleplayers are encouraged to keep a personal distance.

In-Character Relationships;

Whenever two members of the community enjoy each other's companionship enough to become regular partners [constantly roleplaying together], they may use the pretense of a relationship to further their storylines. This is merely an image, and will not transcend a strict in-character plot within the XTC community.

While participating in an in-character relationship, never take it past a platonic level; this is not a site for erotica.

Strong Language;

If a character is designed to use strong language, it is acceptable in moderation. Be considerate of peers and curve the language when appropriate, and never use profanity excessively.
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Official XTC Guidelines.
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