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 Official XTC Regulations.

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PostSubject: Official XTC Regulations.   Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:31 pm

the XTC Ideology;

As a concept, the XTC is a web-based community where members can interact with each other without unwanted interruptions; whether your preference is roleplaying or casual conversation. In order to preserve the even flow of this idealistic chat environment, the XTC administration has instated guidelines and regulations to uphold proper etiquette.

General XTC Regulations;

Personal Information;

To protect the identity of XTC members the distribution of personal information has been prohibited, excepting what's required for the membership registration and XTC profiling system. The XTC administration urges members to maintain a personal distance with others while online.

Respect & Civility;

To present a respectable image, one must be respectful to others. Anyone purposely causing problems or disregarding the XTC guidelines and regulations will be consequenced in accordance with the terms of use.

Setting a good example is always encouraged, and those who actively assist others and contribute within the XTC community will eventually be recognized as senior members; a raise in status is possible.

Clean Content;

The XTC administration does not consent to material which may be offensive to its members. Racism, nudity and excessively strong language will not be tolerated. Anything found inappropriate or unacceptable by the XTC administration will be prohibited.


A zero-tolerance policy toward spamming has been instated by the XTC administration. Spamming is typically senseless, annoying and disruptive and consideration for the community is a priority for all members.

Any spamming will result in banishment from the XTC community.


The XTC Legacy is a place to roleplay and interact with other role players both in- and out-of-character, not a dating service. Every user should be emotionally detached from situations and peers, aside from a sense of camradery as fellow roleplayers. Romantic storylines must be kept reasonable, platonic and non-dramatic.

For those of you unfortunate enough to internet date, this is an intervention. Internet dating makes you a NERD.
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Official XTC Regulations.
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