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PostSubject: Roleplaying.   Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:28 pm

the Concept of Roleplay;

To some, roleplaying is an innovative way of developing an authoring style or releasing their imagination by interacting with a community of other in-character roleplayers, exploring the boundaries of creativity.

To others, roleplay is a form of escapism similar to an RPG game where characters are free to make decisions within the environment and weave an entire storyline of adventure. In-character roleplay broadens those same horizons.

Regardless of what motivates someone to roleplay, it becomes a creative extension of their imagination and should be respected. The XTC administration intend to create an environment where in-character roleplay will seed and expand, weaving intricate storylines as the members integrate.

Though not all members of the XTC community are interested in roleplay, absolutely no harassment will be tolerated.
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