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 Importance of Tech.

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PostSubject: Importance of Tech.   Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:34 am

Importance of Tech;

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people enjoy adding a competitive nature to their roleplay; and what better way to do that than form a system in which to battle in-character that's fair? Similar systems have been incorporated by roleplaying communities before, and the XTC has built upon that foundation.

The Technical Battle System creates an equilibrium in three official styles; turn-base, speed-base and freestyle.

For a governing system of that order to function, a countersystem must also be created to protect those who aren't competitively inclined from those who are; tagging. Catering to both sides of the roleplaying coin, the XTC administration has structured the community accordingly.

The capital city of Dragonia is geared toward non-combative roleplayers who prefer to interact without confrontation and competitive fighting, though there are forums where fighting is acceptable in lieu of it's theme.

Within the Land, there are key locations where fighters congregate among their own and are free to test their mettle. Though fighters are free to interact with non-combative roleplayers and enter the city, fighting within the city walls is prohibitted.
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Importance of Tech.
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