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 Bleach Chronicles MySpace Network.

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PostSubject: Bleach Chronicles MySpace Network.   Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:18 pm

XTC Bleach Chronicles MySpace Network;

Create a new e-mail address [if necessary] and register with MySpace to begin creating an in-character profile. Use your XTC character name as the profile URL. Read the following before making irrevokable changes.


Headline: a quote suited to the character.

About Me: a synopsis of the character's background and attitude, including Tags at the bottom to display personal preference regarding a role playing style; see Tagging System.

Who I'd Like to Meet: a brief description of character types the member would like to interact with.

General: a synopsis of the character's physical description.


Username/IM Name: XTC Bleach Chronicles character name.

First Name: character's first name.

Last Name: character's last name.

****Note: disable the ''show full name'' option.

Basic Information;

Headline: the member's rank/status in the XTC community.

Gender: character's gender.

Date Of Birth: member's O.O.C. date-of-birth, for MySpace purposes [privacy act].

City: Seireitei or Heuco Mundo, to uphold the XTC theme.

Country: member's O.O.C. country for MySpace purposes [time zone].

Region: member's O.O.C. region [using ''Seireitei,'' ''Earth'' or ''Hueco Mundo'' as a home city keeps a user's information vague].

Zip Code: member's O.O.C. zip, because it doesn't show.


This section will be filled out in accordance with in-character specifications.

Final Touch;

Once complete, post the profile URL in the designated ''website'' slot under Profile Information so other members may view it.

Finally, apply to join the MySpace XTC Group.

****Note: If an administrative/moderative figure deems a profile is unacceptable for whatever reason, an e-mail will be sent notifying them of the problem; if problems persist, consequencing may occur.

Functions of a Profile;


Comments are to be used for co-ordinating role play; contacting members to build a role playing party, co-ordinating where the role play is happening and the negotiation of a plot / storylines.


Bulletins are used for broadcasting events and updates. Members can announce when they intend to create a role playing party with a brief synopsis to interest others, and those who role play an establishment owner may use it to advertise.


Blog entries are used as a means of keeping people updated with a user's character, posting content about storylines and other in-character endeavours.

For those who aren't interested in roleplay, blogging can be oriented on anything so long as it's appropriate.

Picture Comments;

Roleplayers are encouraged to keep the profile display image as that of their character, and establish an album for it. More albums can be included for people, places and things of interest-- including one for themselves.


Because e-mailing is kept private, members are free to discuss anything so long as it doesn't spill into the XTC community. Be aware that handing out personal information can lead to rumors, misconduct, stalking and identity theft.

Sexual predators exist-- just Google ''Brian Peppers.''
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Bleach Chronicles MySpace Network.
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