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 Profiling Format.

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PostSubject: Profiling Format.   Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:11 pm

Character Conception;

When creating a new character, envision all the things that it will embody; physically, mentally and spiritually. All three facets of the character should be explored before creating a rough draft. Without all the essentials, a character seems one-dimensional while those that were carefully thought out take on new dimensions.

Note; the Vaizard class is being withheld until more information becomes available in the manga. Do not create hybrid classes because it's in poor taste- only pure-bred characters.

To simplify things, the XTC administration suggests using this outline for a rough draft;

Race/Class: Shinigami/Quincy/Bounto/Arrancar.
Alliance: Good/Neutral/Evil.

Division: [if applicable.]
Rank: [if applicable.]

Zanpakutou/Bow Name:


Include a brief but informative background for your character.

Physical Description:

Include a brief yet descriptive physical profile of your character.


Include a brief description of your character's attitude and mannerism.


Include a brief list of your character's likes and dislikes.

Fighting Style:

Include a brief but detailed synopsis of your character's fighting style and abilities, if you choose to fight.

Note; Regarding the Division/Rank segment, this is not applicable to members until they have been accepted into one of the user groups; tryouts will be available to members periodically.
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Profiling Format.
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